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His website title seems to implies he is from a sort of ancient tribal community but once you meet him and talk to him, you will feel he is actually is more of an Asian "Indiana Jones" character. Read on ... NPX: Hi MM, can we know what you do for a living? MM: Many of my friends call me a full-time adventurer, but I think it is more accurate to refer myself as being a bum. But to feed my kids, I work ... Read More


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Blue-Winged Pitta ( Pitta Moluccensis ) ( 蓝翅八色鸫 ) 18 ~ 20.5cm Author & Editor Author: nelson khor Editor: <Please add your name here if you have edit this article> Photographs and article are copyright of nelson khor Introduction Each year, around the months of May to August, Blue-winged Pitta congregate in an area of fruit plantations in the northern state of Kedah, Perlis and Penang to build their nests and breed. These shy & elusive birds are ground nesters and are easier to observe only during the nesting ... Read More