Interview with Louise

6 September 2011 No Comment

NPX: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Well, just like everyone else, enjoying this hobby of mine. heeheee~~ I like to explore and take bird photos as they are, i dont like studio photos.

NPX: How long have you been interested nature photography? And also how you started.

Well, it wasn’t that long like many of you here. A camera was given to me as a present from my husband who is now my sponsor. wakaka! I think i am probably a latecomer, but hey, it’s really fun…and once you start birding, you become aware of the nature around you, not just birds but plants, butterflies etc, etc.

NPX: What do you like about it in particular?

I like the thrill of exploring…it’s also enjoyable to hang around with other people and share the fun!

NPX: What’s your photography techniques and how you learn them?

haha…mostly self-taught i should say. My skills are crappy…can anyone teach me?

NPX: Were there any photographer(s) that you like and influences your style?

Most of the people i know have great photography skills, including ppl. here at NPX. So, i’d say everyone has somehow influenced me one way or other.

NPX: What are the stuff in your dry cabinet? What are the items in your bag during birding?

….you mean dry cabinet(s)?? I have Nikon D3s, D7000, D5000, 500mm/F4, 70-200mm/F2.8, 50mm/F1.8, Sigma 10-20mm/F3.5, Lensbaby composer, kit lens, Sigma 150mm/F2.8, Gitzo tripod, velbon tripod, photoclam mounts, touchlight, flash, and 2 hides ( =__=”)

NPX: Which is your favourite bird species and why?

Actually, there is no favourite. I enjoy looking and photoing them even if I see the bird all the time.

NPX: Which other genres of nature photography you’d like to pursue in the future? Why is it so?

I do night photography for insects too…perhaps i should spend more time on that.

NPX: While pursuing your hobby, what is your most memorable moment to date?

Take a 1 hour ferry to an island, shoot 3 frames of an owl and take the ferry back. >.<”

NPX: What are the challenges you’ve faced?

Waking up early!

NPX: Please share with us a couple of your favorite images accumulated over the years. Please describe to us why you like these images.

This was taken from my recent trip in Taiwan, and the female was checking on the male if the hole’s done…

I like that grin on its face!

Use a little imagination—heeheee

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