Interview with Limtt

21 March 2011 No Comment

NPX: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I started photography when I was in secondary school after my elder sister bought me a Rollei twin reflex camera. I then joined the Photographic Society of Singapore and learned photography techniques from all the senior photographers there. At that time only concentrate on landscapes and portrait photography. I have my own darkroom to develop all the black and white photographs and wanted to join Strait’s Time then after completed school to be a photographer but was rejected because I need to serve National Service. After National Service and become a regular in the Army I give up my photography.
Only five years back I started photography again. I bought an Olympus 5050 point and shoot camera, and then upgrade to Panasonic FZ30. My first DSLR is the Sony Alpha system which I am currently still using.

NPX: How long have you been interested nature photography? And also how you started.

When I started photography again I do landscapes, portrait and macro. Only a year ago I got interested in bird photography after I saw a beautiful kingfisher perched on a low tree while taking a stroll along Kallang River. I wished I had a camera with me at that time. This is how I jumped start on birding.

NPX: What do you like about it in particular?

In nature or bird photography there is no like or dislike. I see them and their beauty in their own way.

NPX: What’s your photography techniques and how you learn them?

As I have some past experience in the early days on photography techniques which is shooting in manual mode all the time. My principle is what you shoot is what you see and what you want.

NPX: Were there any photographer(s) that you like and influences your style?

I was introduced to NPX by Christopher Lee and met most of the birders here. In the field I met and learnt from Ender, YYChong, Johnathan Cheah, Chris Lee, Wong, Jason Cho, TK Lee, Frankie Cheong and a hosts of them. All of them shared their photo techniques which I learnt to pick up.

NPX: What are the stuff in your dry cabinet? What are the items in your bag during birding?

My dry cabinets stuff are Olympus 5050, Panasonic FZ30, Sony A850, Sony 24-70mm F2.8, Sony 70-200mm F2.8, Sony 100mm F2.8 macro lens and my Minolta 300mm F4 lens. In my bag for birding is my Sony A850 camera with my Minolta 300mm lens, a spare battery and a few spare CF cards.

NPX: Which is your favourite bird species and why?

All birds has their nature beauty in their own way. But I loved the kingfisher’s series. Cute , colourful and beautiful series. Hope to get most of them within these few years.

NPX: Which other genres of nature photography you’d like to pursue in the future? Why is it so?

I think I will stick to bird photography. Good exercise for me and hope to see more new bird species.

NPX: While pursuing your hobby, what is your most memorable moment to date?

That is when I started birding. My friend brought me to Springleaf Park around 7.30am. I saw one eagle landed on a small garden tree. This bird happen to be a Crested Serpent Eagle. Just imagine can shoot him full frame with my Sony 70-300mm G lens. The bird was active on the tree and ground for almost half an hour to shot. My friend say this is the first time in his 8 years birding that he experience this.

NPX: What are the challenges you’ve faced?

How to shoot birds with my Minolta 300mm F4 lens. Always get poison from NPX brothers asking me to upgrade to a longer lens.

NPX: Please share with us a couple of your favorite images accumulated over the years. Please describe to us why you like these images.

I started birding about a year. Here are the lucky shots I have.

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