Interview with Jeff

16 February 2011 No Comment

NPX: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Jeff: I always have an image in my mind on what I want to create even if it
takes to construct that image from ground up. It applies to everything that I

NPX: How long have you been interested nature photography? And also how you

Jeff: I knew nuts about taking photos until I was introduced to a baby P&S (Fuji
film) more than 10 years ago while in college. It was streets then mammals then

NPX: What do you like about it in particular?

Jeff: I can create another world. Mammals was first choice, followed by birds.
But the latter was too colorful to pass.

NPX: What’s your photography techniques and how you learn them?

Jeff: Trial and error. I always plant my butt on a strategy location, observe
the environment, identify my subjects then .

NPX: Were there any photographer(s) that you like and influences your style?

Jeff: A musician (English Horn) named Robert Royse. He is also a very talented
bird (warbler) photographer. His images capture feathers on the other side of
the globe. This prompts me to travel.

NPX: What are the stuff in your dry cabinet? What are the items in your bag
during birding?

Jeff: I only keep what i use in my cabinet including Nikon 500/4, 17-55/2.8,
50/1.4, 105/2, 1.4x, 1.7x, SB900, 60mm tubes and an LX3. Being focused helps in
horning my skills so I only need the long prime, tcs and a flash during birding.

NPX: Which is your favourite bird species and why?

Jeff: Warblers/sunbirds. Tiny and fast enough to satisfy my crave for speed,
though I dun speed

NPX: Which other genres of nature photography you’d like to pursue in the
future? Why is it so?

Jeff: Still feathers and fur. I belong to the lucky few when some things just
come naturally with exposure.

NPX: While pursuing your hobby, what is your most memorable moment to date?

Jeff: Hanging precariously to the edge of a cliff while in Angkhang, struggling
in the winter cold and keeping my balance while waiting for my subjects to

NPX: What are the challenges you’ve faced?

Jeff: Burnt out from too much feathers.

NPX: Please share with us a couple of your favorite images accumulated over the
years. Please describe to us why you like these images.

Jeff: Tough choice but here I go…

Like birds, mammals occupy a special place in my heart. I was drawn to their
behavior and their likeness to homosapiens. Shown a new-borne to the family

The Ferruginous FC (sub-adult plumage) blends well with its environment. I
always stumbled upon strange and sometimes precious little feathers, short of
stepping into them (sometimes). But at arm’s reach and a private interview, it’s
a dream come true.

A “christmas tree” near the foot of the himalaya. I was heaving, panting and
from the long trekking with heavy cam on my back. But I guess the experience was
magical even if it’s for a single click, which I did.

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